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Installing Scratch 2 Offline on Knoppix

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For those of you who would like to install Scratch 2 for offline editing in a Knoppix environment


  1. Start up Knoppix – I used Knoppix 7.4.2
  2. Choose the ‘Burn to flash disk option’ and select the appropriate USB device which you want to use
  3. Start Knoppix on your PC via booting from USB (use the USB flash drive you created in previous step)
  4. Navigate to the Scratch website and download the components for offline Scratch editing
    1. Download the Adobe runtime
    2. Download the Scratch AIR file
  5. Install the Adobe runtime
    1. See here for more information – Install Adobe runtime
  6. Install the Scratch AIR file
    1. See here for more information – Install Scratch AIR
  7. Run the installer with the absolute path of the Scratch AIR file (only needs to be done once)

In future you can start Scratch…

  1. From the Desktop icon
  2. From the Start menu – in the Accessories folder
  3. From the command line – it is installed in /opt/Scratch 2/bin

Written by Rudi Engelbrecht

September 24, 2015 at 12:54 am

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