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iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot on Vodacom 3G

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My iPhone 4 has been updated to iOS 4.3. I was looking forward to this update for a while since I wanted a MiFi Hotspot without carrying around my MiFi device.
So far it works really well. This post is published via my iPad, connected wirelessly to my iPhone 4.
This saves me from taking out another data contract for the iPad for the odd occasion when I need access outside WiFi range.
This makes an iPhone 4 and WiFi-only iPad a nice combination.

Below is a screenshot of the iOS Personal Hotspot option.

iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot on Vodacom SA


Written by Rudi Engelbrecht

March 11, 2011 at 9:10 am

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I installed InstaPaper last night. Browsed a few websites and marked them for reading on InstaPaper. From there I read the articles and discovered that I could mark other articles / links for later reading.
This fits my workflow perfectly!
And on the iPad the reader feels as smooth as the Kindle App. And it allows me to read offline. Also has a dark screen mode for night time reading.
I am absolutely hooked!
Bye bye Safari, long wait times to load pages, popups, ads etc.
Hello productivity!

Location:Nanyuki Rd,Sandton,South Africa

Written by Rudi Engelbrecht

March 9, 2011 at 2:52 pm

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Jailbreaking an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0

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I have previously upgraded my iPhone 3G to use iOS 4.0. I am really impressed with the new features.

The following did not impress me:

  1. My SMS app does not open – I cannot read / create SMS’s.
  2. I do not have Orientation Lock like the 3GS users.

I decided to try and copy the SMS’s off the iPhone so I could read them – since I received a few SMS’s since the upgrade. There is software available to do this, but since I have jailbroken my iPhones before – I decided to look for solutions.

I stumbled upon RedSn0w by reading this blog entry with instructions on how to jailbreak an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0. What I liked about this approach is that an iPhone that has been upgraded and synchronised can be jailbroken, without creating a custom firmware file.

The process is very smooth and easy.

Afterwards I installed OpenSSH via Cydia and WhatIP (to quickly see what IP my iPhone is using on the network) and I was able to ssh into the iPhone.

I managed to locate the ‘sms.db’ file in the ‘/User/Library/SMS’ directory. I copied it to my MacBook Pro and then viewed the SMS messages in the database using a SQLite Viewer.

According to most posts – a person can simply remove the ‘sms.db’ file on the iPhone and the next the SMS app opens – it will create an empty database. I did exactly that. It did not work for me. I managed to open the SMS app, but the SMS’s will not send or receive.

So I decided to do a clean install of iOS 4.0 and then not restore from backup, but install as new iPhone. I then managed to use the SMS app. Luckily I had MobileMe syncing my contacts and calendars, so I added my MobileMe details to the iPhone and a few minutes later all my contacts and calendars were on the iPhone again.

I had to tick all my apps in iTunes and sync them again. I also lost any specific settings (like usernames and passwords) on certain apps, but I simply re-captured them.

It was actually nice starting again from a clean install. 😉

I now have the wallpaper as per the iPhone 3GS, as well as orientation lock. The multitasking does not seem that it is working the way I expected, maybe because it is not really supported on 3G. I will look at someone else’s iPhone 3GS and compare their multitasking with mine.

I will keep you posted.

PS. If you go the link above and try to download the Mac OS X version of RedSn0w and get a “Page not found” error – then you can download RedSn0w from here. This is taken from the Dev-Team Blog for iPhone jailbreaks over here.

Written by Rudi Engelbrecht

June 29, 2010 at 4:19 pm

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Upgrading an iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0

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I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my iPhone 3G on 23 June 2010, despite all the negative reviews from other users about poor battery life and slow performance.

It all went well – and I noticed the following:

  1. The battery life was poor.
  2. It was not too fast after the upgrade.

What I did afterwards seemed to solve my problems. I did a hard reboot – where you hold in the menu button and the power button (on the top) at the same time for a few seconds – until the iPhone reboots.

I then also used the wall charger to charge it fully till 100% and this resolved my problems.

I noticed that I could not send or create new SMS’s. The SMS app would just close down if I try to open it – or view an SMS.

I did not think too much of it – but the details will be in a next post.

Written by Rudi Engelbrecht

June 29, 2010 at 3:51 pm

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